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Since our Wedding

The Wedding Day

Welcome to our website, we built this mainly to remember our wedding day on the 4th May 2018 and for our family and friends to view the videos and images of the day.

The day itself was a truly wonderful day not only for the both of us, but for our family and friends. Although tinged with a little sadness (It was my late mothers 70th birthday) It could not have been any better.

Please enjoy our website.

Before the


The Empire




It was the fifth day of December in the year 2015 and it was Lou's fourtieth birthday. I was basically nervous as hell having carried the engagement ring on my person all week thinking that Lou would find it any minute. Even after getting it through 3 sets of airport security without Lou noticing

Anyway we made it to the top of the Empire State Building and I asked the question to which Lou said yes. I hope that you enjoy the video of it?

Oh and btw the backstory is this... A week before while still at home. Lou spotted the box containing the ring in my office, so both myself and my now mother in law made her think it was a figment of Lou's imagination.

The Actual

Wedding Day



Stuff to go here.

The Entire

Wedding Day Video